Birgitta Lundvik

Chairman of the Board
eMBA, Stockholm School of Economics., MSc in Business & Economics Uppsala University. Birgitta Lundvik is CEO and Founder at Enable – Finance & Business Development. She has 25 years of experience in business in both larger and smaller organizations, within software development, pharmaceuticals, medical devices and real estate. Acting primarily as CEO, CFO or Controller. Among several positions she has been President of Nonna Holding & Hansoft Technologies AB, and CFO at Global Medical Investment, Prostalund Operations and Neopharma. Birgitta also has different board assignments.

Stefan Åsberg

Board member
BSc, Uppsala University. Stefan Åsberg has more than 35 years of experience in leading positions in diagnostic and life sciences businesses. He has experience in business in both larger and smaller organizations. Among several positions he has been product director at Abbott/Abbvi and Solvay Pharmaceuticals, based in Germany and Switzerland. He also has had position as marketing director at Neopharma, the inventor of enteral pharmaceutical infusion using a portable pump for the treatment of APD – the Duodopa system. Stefan Åsberg had during 20 years a position as marketing manager at Pharmacia Diagnostics AB, Global marketing (Uppsala).

Margareth Jorvid

Board member
MSc Pharm, Uppsala University, MSc MTRA Cranfield University, MBA, Stockholm School of Economics. Margareth Jorvid has over 30 years’ experience in Regulatory Affairs for pharmaceuticals and has worked at the Medical Products Agency (MPA), as well as in large and small pharmaceutical companies such as Roussel Nordiska, Hoechst Marion Roussel (Stockholm and Paris, France) and Neopharma. Since 2006, consultant in regulatory affairs and quality assurance for pharmaceuticals and medical devices, as CEO of Methra Uppsala AB, LSM group. She is a Fellow and Honorary Life Member of TOPRA (The Organisation for Professionals in Regulatory Affairs), board member 2002-2011 and TOPRA President 2005-2006.

Roger Bolsöy

Board member
M.Sc in technology and chemistry. Roger Bolsöy has extensive experience in the development, sales, and marketing of pharmaceutical products and medical devices – with a particular focus on advanced Parkinson’s disease. Roger Bolsöy has 20 years of international life science experience, experience from large and small pharmaceutical companies such as Abbvie, Abbott, Solvay and Neopharma. He has been involved to take Duodopa, for treatment of Parkinson´s disease, from its development phase to a successful global launch. He also had various senior management positions such as in manufacturing, development, global marketing and geographical expansion.